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St. Paul's Cathedral | Melbourne, AustraliaBrighton Beach | Melbourne, AustraliaEucalyptus Forest III | Great Ocean Road, AustraliaKoala | Port Douglas, AustraliaOpera House in Tones II | Sydney, AustraliaOpera Shells II | Sydney, AustraliaOpera House in Tones I | Sydney, AustraliaOpera Shells at Noon | Sydney, AustraliaHouse 1, Brighton Beach | Melbourne, AustraliaBlue Sky, Brighton Beach | Melbourne, AustraliaEucalyptus Forest | Great Ocean Road, AustraliaEucalyptus Forest II | Great Ocean Road, AustraliaAt Sea, Great Barrier Reef | Cairns, AustraliaBlack-Necked Stork | Port Douglas, AustraliaWallaby | Port Douglas, AustraliaIn the Daintree Forest | Port Douglas, AustraliaAustralian Cassowary | Port Douglas, Australia

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