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St. Peters | Vatican CityVino | Tuscany, ItalyWindow Light | The Vatican, Vatican CitySt. Peter's Angel | St. Peter's Cathedral, Vatican CityThe Royal Chapel | Palace of Versailles, Paris, FranceGlass | The Louvre, Paris, FranceParliament | London, EnglandThe Eye | London, EnglandOn the River | Bamberg, GermanyGladiator | Rome, ItalySide Street | Bamberg, GermanyGuard | London, EnglandIconic | London, EnglandPantheon | Rome, ItalyInside Versailles | Palace of Versailles, Paris, FranceInside Versailles II | Palace of Versailles, Paris, FranceBasilique du Sacré-Cœur | Paris, FranceOlympic Rings | Tower Bridge, London, England

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